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Saturday, July 18, 2009

My Vision for Motley Moms

Well, it's been a crazy year, girls! I've homeschooled all year, sometimes finding the time to write a decent article, sometimes forgetting to post anything at all.

When I thought of starting a blog for moms to connect and share their adventures, I had some reservations. I do tend to be somewhat of a dreamer, so I wasn't sure if this was really something that anyone else (besides ME) would be interested in writing OR reading. I hated to call on my already busy, overworked and under-rested Mommy Friends to take on yet another obligation. A weekly post seemed pretty do-able, though, so I went ahead and made some calls.

I was overwhelmed by all the positive responses my writer friends gave! They were ready for the challenge of a weekly deadline and an outlet for their creativity, humor, and frustration. We have come to appreciate the value of sharing our motleyest moments as moms...YOU, dear readers, can relate! We LOVE getting comments on our posts, because it just reminds us that we're not alone! And when we write about things we would normally cry about, we can just say, "This would make a great blog!!!" and carry on with the cleanup of bodily fluids or listening to our screaming toddler because we actually DID take candy away from the baby.

Things I'd love to see on MotleyMoms.com:

  • Many of us love to read books, so I'd love to see a monthly book discussion tab led by...any takers? Liz? We could order through amazon.com as a group to get free shipping!

  • A recipe tab for easy, last-minute Motley Meals and things to make with the kids...interested Rachel?

  • A MotleyMoms t-shirt that says something witty on the back, like "I WILL blog about this!" Or "This would make a great blog!" With our MotleyMoms logo/name on the front. We need a good logo design...anyone want to give it a try?

  • And wouldn't Podcasting be fun, girls?

We'll have to get together and do some brainstorming if anyone is interested in growing MotleyMoms.com...feel free to share your ideas in the comments section of this post!

Happy Motley-Mom-a-Versary to all! Thanks to all our regular readers and to our motley writers...you're all awesome!


Liz said...

Yowsa! You do dream big! I'd be happy to do some sort of book club thingy. And I would totally wear that t-shirt!

Bryssy said...

I'll give the logo design a go, Donna! Any ideas? Here is mine:

I am SO blogging this!!!

Also, I'm not a weekly contributor anymore but I do have a few posts that I could share when someone wants a "day off." Girls, let me know when you need a break.

Maria said...

Bryssy, I'll take your offer! If you would like, you can post for me on this coming Wednesday, July 22. I will be on a family trip.

Donna, thanks for all of the set up and encouragment! It's been fun! Dream Big!

fawnda said...

I was also thinking of a Motley Moms retreat. We could all meet in Florida since most of you live there and let’s face it, it has WAY nicer weather than Minnesota! It could be a relaxing get away for moms.
We could have some structured activities (craft, or devotional) and some not so structured ones (sitting by the pool or beach.)

Lindsay said...

I am loving all the ideas (recipe, book club). I feel like a motley mom even though I really just leave comments. I would love to be a part of whatever you do in the future.

The shirt sounds awesome!

Donna said...

Liz - You ROCK! I'm reading "The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society" right now and it's really good!

Brystal, I'd love to see your logo design (something visual that could go along with the Motley Moms name). Thanks for any and all contributions...we love to hear from you!

Fawnda, I LOVE the idea of a Motley retreat! We should totally do that once the school year has settled in. I'm game!

Lindsay, you ARE a Motley Mom, whether you just read, comment, OR post articles here! You should DEFINITELY come on our (theoretical right now) retreat!

Donna said...

Oh, and Maria, you were the FIRST Motley Mom to say "Sure...I'll give it a try!" You are always up for an adventure, girl! ;-D

Karly said...

Donna, I love all your ideas! I am reading the "potato peel pie" book right now too! Good book! Although I started reading the"Twilight" series too and that has kind of taken over-now I am reading the second one. All that to say, the book club sounds like a great idea!

I would love a Motley Moms shirt! And hey...free advertising!

A retreat would be a blast! I would love to finally meet some of you in person! :-)

Keep Dreamin' Donna!!

Bryssy said...

Okay, no problem, Maria.