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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Be the Blessing

At the MOPS conference last weekend I happened by a vendor booth with a huge sign that said, "Be the Blessing." A couple came up with the idea to manufacture t-shirts and jewelry to remind people to help each other and "be the blessing" for those in need. I bought a bracelet from them with the logo written across it, and it has given me much to think about since.

I cooked lunch today using our George Foreman grill, and I watched in awe as the twin grills cooked my chicken from frozen to fantastic in just minutes. And then I thought about the people my sister in law works with in Pittsburgh who have to cook using candles or cigarette lighters.

Our son is celebrating his 3rd birthday today, and the floor of our living room looks like a toy store exploded there. I'm so happy to see him having a great day, but I do think about the children in the video at the conference who are living in third world countries and can literally be supported with just $38 a month. It's amazing that their needs can be met with so little when I know I throw away at least that on frivolous things every month. I wonder who spoils them on their birthdays?

So, I'm looking at my bracelet often now, and with every look I wonder what I could do to bless someone else today. Let's be honest--it's not always obvious! Have you dealt a random act of kindness lately? Has someone done something amazing for you? I want to hear about it today--don't be shy! Your comment could "be the blessing" for somebody else!


Pam said...

We have received many blessings - too many to list. Some of my favorites are (in no particular order):

1. Rachel - and her kindness to a stranger.

2. God pairing us with the Ribeiros on our adoption to Russia.

3. The doctor in our town working to help us with Alex!! (This was just came in today.)

4. Motley Moms - who are some of my best friends in the world!

I have been so blessed.

Donna said...

Nothing specific right now, but blessed to know that I have great friends who wouldn't hesitate to help me when I need it! Being a SAHM can begin to feel like we're sequestered in our little worlds, padded by familiarity and routine, and safe within the bounds we have defined for ourselves and our kids. Drained of energy by mid-day and existing through the most stressful events of our lives (graduation, career, marriage, babies, redefining career, redefining self, lacking sleep, moving to a new place, changing schedules, tight budgets...and it has all happened within the last 10 years for most of us!) leaves us wondering how on Earth we can bless others. Especially when they don't stand at our hips and whine for what they need. It's a real challenge, but I think as soon as the kids are old enough, we can get involved locally. As far as a world view, I really like the organizations that take a one-time donation and use it to buy a crop-producing tree or an animal for someone in a third-world country to begin earning an income from.

Let us know if you come up with something that we could all participate in, Rachel, one big motley family!

Bryssy said...

I can't even a small portion of all the great things people have done for me.

Many of you Motley Moms have made a meal for our family. That is a HUGE blessing.

My sweet husband puts up with my antics on a daily basis - most recently letting me buy a pet pig. Seriously.

The friends I have who hold me up so often. Having someone to laugh/cry/joke/be crazy with is worth so much!

I could go on and on...but now I have to get back to work!

Lindsay said...

Interesting timing of your post. For the last month our church has been pushing our "take it to the streets" campaign. Which is just encouraging out memebers to do community projects. And on Saturday over 200 of us will be volunteering with different non-christian organizations to do service projects. Some people are painting, pulling weeds, feeding the hungry ect... My family is helping th SPCA in downtown Lake Wales on Saturday. Just doing our part to help out.

Our small group has been talking about "paying it forward". A friend from small group has been paying for the people behind her in the drive-thru. She just asks the restraunt if the people behind her have a bill of around $20 (you could do whatever price you wanted), and if they do then she pays for it. She didn't ask once and the person behind her had feed the whole office and the pill was $45...hehe

So I have been like you, thinking of ways that I can help others and teach the same thing to my kids.

By the way, one year for Christmas I "gave" everyone in our family a certificate from Samaratains purse where I had bough a cow or school supplies in their name. They all loved it. And after hurricane Katrina my parents didn't buy anyone a Christmas gift but gave all their designated Christmas money (about $4000) to a relief fund.

Rachel said...

Great practical ideas, Lindsay! Your community service project this weekend sounds neat!

What I'm seeing on this list is that some blessings touch us on our hearts and minds while others help us physically with our needs. They are all important!

Tonight at Walmart I noticed an elderly man sitting at the entrance who had also been there the day before (yes, that means I have been to Walmart twice this week already--it's a birthday week!) Instead of rushing out of the door past him we stopped while he kidded with Isaac and exchanged smiles. I know the moment was good for Isaac, and I hope it was good for our new friend, too!

Thanks for the great comments today--keep them coming! :)