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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Deep Facebook Thoughts...by Donna

The more I get into Facebook (FB), the harder it is to write an actual paragraph. You kinda get addicted to the one-liner status updates. Those whose FB status I love to read are the ones who write a funny, but very telling one liner. Liz is awesome at it. She's funny and serious at the same time. "Help me, Obi Wan Kenobi, you're my only hope." Her FB friends know she's having potty training issues right now. Well...her son is. Or Rachel's "Don't, don't, don't bite your friends." --Yo Gabba Gabba." Or my friend Ticia's status the other day, which was longer, but cracked me up: "...so some people selling cable just knocked on my door and asked "if my mom was here".."uh no".."how about my dad".."nope not here either"..could I tell them that they came by.."why sure I can!" Ha! Ha! Ha!" I think Ticia has like four kids now.

Some people use FB to rant about their politics or other gripes. It's easy to ignore them because they always write WAY more than one line.

Since we're on the subject of Facebook, does anyone else have pity FB "friends?" Someone you know, but who you wouldn't normally see or talk to about personal problems, but they friended you on FB and you can't ignore them because they're friends with someone in your family? Hypothetically speaking, of course. It's a little weird. Especially if they've known you in a more professional context in the past and now they see your status updates about all the wine you drank last night or how badly your "bike parts" hurt, or that you're hobbling around like a little old woman...not necessarily things I would walk around town saying to casual acquaintances.

Is anyone else glad that FB "poking" is pretty much done? Maybe it's not, but I'm discriminating enough not to "friend" anyone who would do something so pointless. Has anyone received an invitation to a FB "pillow fight?" One word..."WHY?"

Anyway, I find Facebook enthralling, like a weird ongoing science/social experiment. People of all ages are using it now and does anyone even remember the name of that other social networking site anymore? Does it even exist anymore? If you're not on FB, you should give it a try. It's fascinating!


Lindsay said...

I LOVE FB! I think it's a great source of humor to us SAHMs. It's our outlet to the "real" world. It sometimes gives me a break from screaming toddlers. And it's great because it only takes a few seconds. I can sit down while dinner is on the stove, or while my kids are eatting a snack, or watch a TV program. If they need me I can stop what I'm doing and go right back to it without any guilt. It's really great!

Bryssy said...

I think is interesting and a little weird. I know stuff about people that I never thought I would know. It's funny, too. Liz does have great status updates.

You should check out: www.STFUparents.tumbler.com

It's hilarious!

Donna said...

Bryssy, the link didn't work. I'll try searching it.

Liz said...

Thanks for the shout-out, guys. I work really hard on those status updates! Okay, not really. I love Facebook for all the reasons Lindsay mentioned. It's a great outlet for me while I'm home with my crazy kids. I have hidden people who get too political, though. They annoy me.

Liz said...

Leave the "e" out of tumbler and it works.

Maria said...

I really like facebook. It's like a low maintenance friend that you can not communicate with for a while then catch up with really quick.

I tend to not want to gripe on it. When I'm silent that's what it usually means - rough week. I then try to capture some golden moment and quickly post that before it all goes south again.

An old friend "friended" me and told me that she wanted my life. I then told her what my life was REALLY like and she then said "never mind" :)

I too love your posts Liz. You always crack me up! Thank you!