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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Time out--Sub!!!

So, last Tuesday I went to a weight lifting exercise class and we did a new routine to work on our shoulders. As I lifted I could tell that something wasn't right, and the immediate pain at the base of my neck and upper back told me I had done something very wrong. I ran my errands and picked up our son at preschool as usual, and then I went home to recuperate. Well, as much as a mom can recuperate in the presence of a preschooler.

I remember the days when I was teaching and I would need to stay home for the day because of a virus or I would need to leave before the day finished for an appointment, and all I had to do was call in a substitute. Sure, I had to get the plans ready, but someone was there to watch the students and help them if they needed it. Aaaaah, what a great idea the substitute...

Well, when we returned home after my little injury, I realized with despair that there was no substitute to call. There are no subs for mommies. My husband did come home early as I couldn't even turn my head much less change a diaper or, even more difficult and necessary, move our son out of harm's way if the need arose. But even with his presence which was extremely appreciated, my "job" wasn't done. Our son still wanted to play, chores still waited to be done, my blog article of the day sat unwritten (sorry about that!)... There are so many things we do in a day as moms that aren't obvious until they aren't done.

So here's to you and all you do, Motley Mommies--you are appreciated, and there is no one in the world like you! Have a great day!


Pam said...

Once when I was working part-time, I had a really bad case of bronchitis. It was really serious, but I kept going to work because it was easier to work than to stay at home with a two-year-old! I hope by now you are feeling better!

Donna said...

It's so true! Boy, would I like to call in a sub now and then! I was feeling a little under the weather this weekend and I swear the house just fell apart! I don't even realize how many little things I do all day long to keep things picked up and organized until I really don't feel like bending to pick up anything at all. Or washing a dish. Or folding clothes. The list goes on, and my house is really in need of an overhaul after our long weekend.


Neeley's Mommy said...

I remember feeling the same way a couple of months ago when I was sick. When I worked at could call in sick, take Neeley to daycare and spend the day in bed and have my husband help out when she came home from daycare. Since I have stayed home there have been a couple of days that my husband has been out of town and I have had a stomach virus, all I can do is hope that she will watch cartoons or play in one room while I lay on the couch and puke my guts out. I still have to get up fix snacks and pray that bedtime comes early. ;-) Great blog Rach. I hope you feel better soon.

Liz said...

It was so easy back in the day to just call in a sub. My husband's schedule is usually flexible enough that he can come home if I'm really bad off, but I try not to do that too often. We just watch too much TV and messes don't get cleaned up immediately. Unless it's bad, like pee or vomit or something.

Maria said...

The last time I was deathly ill, I called my friend and she watched my little ones while I puked all day.

I felt much better late that afternoon and thanked her profusely.

It was about a year later that I found out that SHE had contracted the same virus(probably from me) the very next day and she and her WHOLE FAMILY ended up puking for days.

I still feel awful about it. :(

Lindsay said...

Thankfully I have a mom that I can call and most of the time she can watches the kids for me. But I have speant pleanty of days feeling yucky with as many as 3 kids at home. I so wish I could call in a sub. Actually I'm just busy right now with packing and pricing (garage sale), and would love to have someone take my kids to keep them out of my hair. But my mom is busy and going through a difficult time right now.

fawnda said...

I feel the same way about weekends... when I was a teacher I at least got weekends to sleep in and bum around... not any more!

BUT I do love staying home with my baby! And I count myself lucky to be able to!