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Saturday, September 26, 2009

"It's Deductible!"

I've been sick for over a week now, which means my house has been falling apart for at least that long. I still don't feel well, but have decided today is the day to suck it up, pull my hair back, and get some chores done!

I've already itemized our donations over at "It's Deductible" (a service of Turbo Tax online) this morning, so I can finally drop off these garbage bags full of donations to the Care Center. We never have yard sales anymore. Mostly because I'm too lazy, but also because most of the stuff we get rid of can benefit someone in need (lots of kids stuff and household goods, and LOTS of adult clothing) and we get a tax deduction. Another issue I have with yard sales is where to store it all until I have enough to warrant holding a sale. I'd much rather itemize my stuff on "It's Deductible" as I weed it out than price it for a yard sale and have to deal with the headaches involved in that. Their site has almost every item categorized with low, medium and high quality values already assigned, so at the end of the year, we know exactly how much we've donated. It's great!

I'm off to deliver these goods (and get them the heck out of my dining room...finally!).

What do you do with your cast-offs?


fawnda said...

We like to donate to The Lupus Foundation. They come to your house and pick up your stuff... they take EVERYTHING... furniture, books, clothes, dishes, exercise stuff... EVERYTHING...and all I have to do is put it at the end of the drive way on pick up day! Love it! We use Turbo Tax to deduct our donations too!

We also have been selling some books, movies and electronics on Amazon. Way better than a yard sale and so much less work. The only down side is that I have ship everything so it has meant a lot of trips to the post office. They know me by face now... good thing they think my son is cute! : )

Tara said...

I have started donating to YWCA. The stuff goes to women in domestic violence situations. They're a great organization too. They give it all to the women and children in need. If there is any stuff left over, they put it in a sale to raise funds for their organization.

Tara said...

Also....in the past, I have donated to our state's organizations for the blind and disabled. You can donate anything. All you have to do is bag/box things up and set them on your porch or driveway. They pick up everything. They put all of their stuff in sales to raise money for their organization.

Donna said...

Fawnda, I know several moms who have sold their books and dvd's on ebay and amazon. It's a great idea.

Sounds like both of you ladies have found wonderful organizations to benefit from your cast-offs. Our Care Center is a great local organization that directly benefits our community with several programs to help individuals and families in need become self-sufficient. They offer housing at reduced rates, food, clothing, furniture, and more. I'm so glad we have this much-needed community ministry.

Lindsay said...

I did both today. I had a garage sale this morning. I do understand what you mean about where do you put it all. I don't have a garage so it's been in my office all week long. I had some furniture to sell before the move so I went this route. After the garage sale we boxed up quiet a bit of it and took it straight to the Care Center. A few things I will sell on Craigslist, and the rest I will donate to Avery's Girl Scout yard sale we are having in November.

We usually just give to the Care Center unless we have a LOT to get rid of like right before move. :)

Liz said...

I love the Care Center. We just take stuff there all the time. It's great - my husband works right across from it and he just drops it off on his way in the morning.

Pam said...

We did actually have a few yard sales while we were moving around the country. They worked really well for us at the time, but mostly I just donate the items. It is so much easier. I did not know about the Turbo Tax tip - thanks for sharing!