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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

How to cook

Who taught you how to cook?

Your Mom? Your Granny? Yourself?

I really find it fascinating when I cook something from scratch. It's amazing how several ingredients can come together to form something delicious to eat!

Through the years, I have learned a lot of my cooking via trial and error. It's a great teacher. I've thrown away many a meal because it just came out yucky.

I also like to learn new techniques for doing the most mundane cooking. I came across this little part of the AllRecipes.com site where it shows you "How To..." whatever.

If you ever wondered about the proper way to make scrambled eggs, then here you go!


I love my kitchen gadgets and I love tips for making great food.


Oh, by the way, happy 09/09/09 day!


Sherrie said...

You are a great cook! I have to say one of the places that I have found some fun tips and techniques is the food channel! :) It also inspires me to try something new. Sometimes they are winners, sometimes not. Always worth the try though!

Maria said...

I also love watching the food channel!I always wish I could be in the audience to try a sample of what they're cooking!

Donna said...

Paul taught me how to cook. We never registered for pots and pans because he already had the Calphalon Professional line of cookware! My mom actually calls ME for cooking tips and advice now!

Liz said...

I just kind of learned on my own. My grandmother was an EXCELLENT cook; unfortunately, she used bacon drippings regularly, so that's not really feasible for my family. I don't have a large repertoire, but what I can make is usually pretty good.

Rachel said...

I come from a long line of great country cooks (whose fat of choice was and IS lard, by the way), but when it comes to doing what they do I am clueless. I did learn a lot from my Mom, grandmothers, and aunts, but when I decided I wanted to be able to REALLY cook sans recipe I went to the Food Network and several cookbooks that focused on the methods of cooking and baking instead of recipes. I like being able to walk into my kitchen and create a meal with available ingredients without checking the instructions. It makes me feel...powerful;)

Fun topic today, Maria!

Lindsay said...

I learned to cook from my mom. She HATES to cook and I mean lothes it! But she is a really good cook, and she cooked every meal for us growing up and she always let me help whenever I wanted. She had quick and easy recipes, multiple step recipes and everything in between. Plus both my grandmothers are also great cooks and gave me each a book of recipes at my wedding.

For something new I go to allrecipes.com and just look around, it's fun!