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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Nostalgia Revisited

I've probably said this before (I'm getting to the age where I tell the same story over and over again), but the best advice I received whilst I was pregnant was my friend telling me that she never listened to people when they said, "Oh, wait till the terrible twos!" or, "Wait till he's a teenager!" She decided to enjoy her son at every age, whether he be an infant, 2, 15, or 40.
I've thought about that a lot lately, especially as people have been sending their kids off to school, some for the first time this year. I know that some mothers get very sad about their kids growing up and I might feel differently when my kids are older, but right now I think it's just neat. I loved it when they were tiny babies - their teeny little toes and sweet coos and cuddling them all the time. But let's not forget the spit-up and sleepless nights. More than being glad I don't have to deal with some of the infant stuff, though, I am really enjoying the ages my boys are right now.
Micah is 19 months and he is a riot! Tonight he was dancing and snapping his fingers and I swear he learns a new word every day. Plus, he's trying to potty train. I kid you not - he has watched his brother so much that he tries to go potty and has actually been successful on 2 occasions.
Ethan is 3. My MIL calls 3 a "magical age." I'm not one to be that sappy, but I get what she's saying. He has a very vivid imagination and we can have actual conversations now. How cool is that?
So I'm going to be like my friend. I'm going to enjoy every age. I'm going to think it's neat that my son gets to go to preschool and high school and I won't make him feel guilty if he wants to go away to college. Fly, son, be free! Just call me every once in a while. :)


Donna said...

You have a great outlook, Liz. The whole "terrible two's" hoopla just never made sense to me. The real issue is that they are growing and changing, developing their personalities and sense of independence all the time, at every age and stage. Sure, there are some difficult moments or even phases, but if you look for the negative in a kid, you're always sure to find it. If you look for the positive, you'll always find it, too. Which do we want to seek from our children?

Thanks for the great reminder to just enjoy them, whatever "phase" they are in!

Liz said...

What comforts me as well is realizing that these phases don't last long, in the grand scheme of things. It may seem like it, but when I look back, it really wasn't that long!

Lindsay said...

Love your post!! I feel the same way. I am not sad when my kids grow up, I am not sad when they experiance new things, and I am not sad when I leave them for a few days for time to myself. My motto is I am not rasing kids, I am raising adults. I am like you, I want them to grow, learn, and leave. And I will love every minute of it (as much as I can),

Rachel said...

Your post is right on, Liz--I love watching our son grow and seeing what comes next in his development. He is approaching three, and every day is something new. Watching them change from babies to adults is amazing!