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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Farewell For Now

Hi everybody! Just wanted to post to let you know that I am taking a little break from Motley Moms.

It's been fun posting my thoughts and such and I LOVE reading everyone's submissions daily.

Y'all are a great group of ladies and I have considered myself fortunate to be counted amongst you literary smarties. Thank you Donna for making this forum possible. You are not only a big dreamer, but a big doer too!

Take care and I love you all!


Rachel said...

We're going to miss you, Maria! Thanks for all of your great posts!

Liz said...

Awww, Maria, I'll miss you!

fawnda said...

It has been fun getting to know you better! I hope that you will still comment... I always love to read your comments! : )

Pam said...

I will miss catching up with you each Wednesday. Thank goodness for Facebook! Enjoy the break and keep in touch! Love ya sista :)

Maria said...

Thanks everyone!


Lindsay said...

You will be missed!

Karly said...

We will miss you on Wednesdays! For everything there is a season...a season to blog and a season not to blog. You're still Motley in my book!:)

Donna said...

Oh, yeah...whether or not you continue to write for us here, you'll always be motley, my friend! We appreciate your dedication to Motley Moms over the past year+ and have enjoyed each and every contribution!

Good luck in your new endeavors, best wishes, bon chance, carpe diem, blessings, etcetera, etcetera...miss you already!

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