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Monday, September 21, 2009

Top Ten Reasons Why I Will NOT be posting a Deep, Inspired, or Thought-Provoking Blog Today

10. I was up way too late last night watching Doogie Houser, I mean, Neil Patrick Harris host the Emmy’s.

9. After reading Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University (Thanks, Lindsay!!), I am now on a limited cash based budget. I spent several hours today buying groceries, cleaning out refrigerator to make room for the groceries, and putting up the groceries.

8. My adorable, energetic ADD and SPD child is having a tough transition to our new home, town, and preschool. We currently have no effective way to discipline or motivate him. Redirecting, reasoning, bribing, threatening, bargaining, begging, and pleading are not working! 1-2-3 Magic is no longer magical, and my mom’s bag of tricks is empty.

7. Due to the stress of #8, I have been baking and eating everything imaginable: grape jelly, homemade rolls, pumpkin muffins and chocolate chip cookies.

6. After eating all of the baked goods from #7, I have now had to add 45 minutes of exercise to my daily routine so that my “fat pants” will still fit!

5. On Labor Day weekend, I fell off of a donkey. There is a video, but I cannot post it as I have sent it in to America’s Funniest Home Videos.

4. Last Thursday, I went with Alex on his preschool field trip. The trip included a lovely two-hour, round-trip school bus ride with 20 preschoolers to a pumpkin patch fully equipped with outdoor port-a-potties. For added fun, we played in a corn-filled pit and took a wagon ride out to the pumpkin patch.

3. Due to the combined effects of #5 and #4, on Friday, I spent the whole day on the couch. I couldn’t even crawl to the computer.

2. Over the weekend, I spent much time trying to make Facebook lists so I could email all of my friends and ask them to sponsor me in the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure I am walking with my sister-in-law, only to find that Facebook emails can only add lists with 20 names or less at one time. Many of you have already sponsored us, but if you would like to sponsor either me, Alex or Charlie, you can click here: Louisville's Race for the Cure.

1. My highly reliable and always there for me, cable, phone and internet combo were out all afternoon. Seriously, CBS has all new episodes of How I Met Your Mother, CSI Miami, and Big Bang Theory - our new favorite. Do they want me to have a heart-attack?


Liz said...

So funny - as usual. :) I am excited for new BBT tonight, too! Yippee!

Pam said...

We can't wait! Our cable is finally working. I would hate to see someone fired over that :)

Donna said...

Awwww, Pammy! Wish we could have a big chocolate, baked goods, and tv session with ya! We miss you, girl, and Alex, too!

Sorry things have been so rough. I know it just takes toddlers a while to acclimate to new schedules, new places, new people, and new homes. Alex will find his groove eventually. Good job incorporating 45 minutes of exercise every day!!! That should help you manage your stress levels so you can continue to be Alex's "constant" throughout all these changes.

Keep us posted on how things are going!

Pam said...

Thank you Donna! I would really appreciate prayers from all of the motley moms out there. This transition has been really rough - worse than when we moved to Florida and he was bitting me every day.

Donna said...

You're on my list, girl! ;0)

Maria said...

Pam, you are SOOOOOOO funny! I love ya!

Hope things get better really really soon!

Lindsay said...

I will say a prayer for you also. That's all that I can offer right now as my days aren't going so great either.