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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Things I Live For...

Moments with my kids and hubby, laughing.
Talking with my girlfriends about girl things.
Really yummy pizza. The kind with stringy cheese.
Swimming at the beach, preferably on Anna Maria Island.
Hearing my girls playing pretend together.
Sitting quietly and asking God a question and actually getting an answer.
Holding my hubby's hand as we marvel at 17 years of marriage.
The promise of heaven in the future.
Visiting my family and making memories with my hubby's family.
Sharing with someone how Jesus has completely changed me for the better.
Old friends.
New friends.
Hearing my girls tell me they love me.

What do you live for?


Karly said...

Times when I laugh so hard that I cry, my children praying to God, a romantic rendezvous with my HOT hubby, a full night of deep sleep, talking to girlfriends that totally understand what I am going through, watching all of the generations in my family enjoy each other, and dreaming of what God has in store for me in the future.

Oh yeah, Good Coffee and Chocolate to get me through the tired and cranky days!

Donna said...

My list includes pretty much everything Maria and Karly said, plus:

Laughing so hard I spew food or drink out of my mouth and/or nose and/or pee my pants (this usually happens in conjunction with the tears and happens more often after 2 pregnancies)

Bringing people together (I love hosting playdates, girls' nites out, dinners, etc.)

Reading with my kids

Reading for myself

Finding that perfect wine...it has to be cheap, but really good!

Deep, dark chocolate

Super-Super Premium Ice Cream...rich and creamy, full-fat!

Dreaming with my husband...I should post a picture of our dream vehicle here!

Karly, I agree that hearing my kids pray is one of the sweetest things ever! KID 1 loves to sing his made-up-on-the-spur-of-the-moment prayers...I've got to secretly record one of these!

Maria said...

I love it!

Liz said...

Donna, I'm so glad I'm not the only one who pees my pants on a regular basis!

Bryssy said...

After not sleeping through the night for more than 6 months....a nice cup [or 2 or 3] of french vanilla coffee to start my day.