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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Happily Playing

Happy Moments in the Sun Playing with Moon Sand

Sweet Sisters Playing Princesses in their Castle

Princesses Making Cakes


Donna said...

Your little one is really growing! She looks so much like her big sister!

Bryssy said...

They are darling!!! I love the fort, too!

Karly said...

I thought that the little one was the big one in the first two pix. It is amazing how much they have both grown.

They are soooo beautiful!! It's great that you captured some of these moments. It's times like these that make being a mommy sooo worth it!!

I'm sure they are "happily playing" like this all the time, right?

Teresa said...

These pictures are all so beautiufl!

Rachel said...

So beautiful and content to be with each other--thank you for sharing!

Sherrie Velner said...

Wow! It is just now hitting me how long it has been since we have seen your family! The girls are gorgeous! They look so grown up. And after seeing these pictures I am not going to believe you when you say that they aren't getting along. :)