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Sunday, October 26, 2008


This morning was a monumental one in our household. Our adorable little two-year-old son used the potty for the first time. He really used it. There was cheering, congratulating, sticker-ing, and even picture taking (Yeah, I know--I never would have done this had I not seen Kate Gosselin do it on her show. I thought it was disgusting when she did it, but I guess we can just add this to the list of how much of a hypocrite I've become since I became a mom...)

But here's the thing. If I'm truly honest I have to admit...I'm terrified of this new milestone. Things are changing around here, and I'm not big on change.

I know that the end result of potty training will be cheaper, but I'm sure we'll find something else to spend our once-allocated-for-diapers money on. It will probably be less work for me since I will eventually become a less integral part of the whole process once the diaper changing days are over, but what will I spend my time doing then? Is this the point where I get to start eating bonbons and watching soap operas? I'm up for more candy, but soap operas get boring after a while. Is he going to stop needing me now? Potty training today, off to college tomorrow...time is just flying by and I don't know what to do!

(taking a breath)

All right, sorry about that. I guess it's just that this morning was a clear example of something I've known for a while but have wanted to avoid. He's growing up and he won't always be the charming little guy he is now. He went to bed last night having never used the potty, and he woke up this morning a potty-goer. He will absolutely be a charming bigger guy, and then an even more charming even bigger guy, but I will always remember these days of new words and first times with fondness.

So, I'm going to spend this Sunday afternoon with our little guy, celebrating his successes, mending his boo boos, and thinking about today. And changing his diapers, if only for a little while longer.


Donna said...

That's kinda weird: our Little One had a potty-ing breakthrough all morning...she kept her "big-girl panties" dry until lunchtime!!!

Then she got diarrhea.

Needless to say, we're homebound this weekend. I'm still not 100% (about 55% actually) and Paul's miserable.

Glad things are going well in your neck of the woods!

Karly said...

Don't get too sad yet. After my little guy used the potty for the first time, it was a year later before I could say he was fully potty-trained. He still may "need" you for a while longer. Of course, your little guy could catch on faster than mine.

Then, with that "extra" time, you will be running to the toilet from the back of Walmart, leaving a whole cart of groceries behind. Or seeking out the nearest restroom (or tree) at every play park in town. Or speeding in your car to get home when your sweetie tells you he has to poo-poo, praying he can hold it. It is all very exciting!!

Can I say I love diapers? They are more expensive, but much easier.

Bryssy said...

LOL. I feel your pain, Rachel! The whole potty training thing took much longer than I thought it would!

Donna said...

My oldest was almost 3 1/2 before he was completely trained. And he went from basically REFUSING to use the potty to relative independence within a very short time span. Every kid is different!

Rachel said...

Thanks for the encouragement...I think!;)

Karly, I really like diapers, too, when I consider the alternative. It's hard enough managing my own bathroom breaks without having to add in someone else's. I guess it's just part of the mothering adventure, right?